Jun 20

I’ve been sans internet for the past couple of weeks and the problem was finally fixed this morning. It turns out our adorable little Pablo had chewed through the cable outside and cut off our link to the outside world :)

Well, that’s not entirely true but I did come to realise just how much I rely on the internet, especially as we’re in the process of building a mobile app for Loumii. Don’t want to give away too much but you can guess from our logo that it will be centred on curated events, and there’ll be a focus on DIY.

The process is exciting but it’s also a lot of digging in the dark. I have many ideas on what helps to make event planning easier but I certainly don’t come from a tech background  - for that I’m relying on my smart cookie of a developer to solve some of the problems I can’t.

I’m also going to heavily rely on my testers - family and friends who’ll be testing the app for us, letting us know what works and what doesn’t. There’s a long road ahead but I’m hoping that we’re building something that will give much value to those that plan any events of any sort. I plan to keep you all updated on our progress on this blog. Oh, and if anyone is interested in becoming a Loumii tester, please shoot me an email - jasmin@loumii.com.

Sketches and ideas everywhere!

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