Apr 16

There is something beautiful about filling your house with fresh flowers. There’s also something beautiful about imagining a matured money tree in the yard just waiting to be plucked right before going to buy said flowers. For me, having vases of big (pricey) blooms is generally reserved for special occasions. So a little while ago, I did something I thought I’d never do - I bought fake ones. Actually, I believe the marketing term for them is “real touch” or “silk” - ”fake” tends to conjure 80s flashbacks of brightly coloured stems of tackiness. I’d seen these flowers outside DLUX Interiors in West Perth and so I ducked in to see for myself if they really were worth the hype.

Surprised? I was! Looks more like a florist, right? And the lady told me they were all the rage for weddings, corporate shindigs and people like me, who just want some blooms in their home. I chose just a couple of stems and cut them up…

And arranged them in a vase. What do you think? Would you opt for silk to save mula?

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